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Johnstone's Journal

October 2017
Workplace Mental Health - Strategies for Your Organization
September 2017
Cost Containment Strategies - From the Employee Perspective
August 2017
Student Benefits Coverage - Continuing Coverage for your Overage Dependent
July 2017
Benefits Fraud & Abuse - Affecting Plan Costs for Everyone
June 2017
Accidental Death & Disablement? - A Common Benefit Explained
May 2017
Disabled? - Now What?
April 2017
Beneficiary Designations
March 2017
Group Benefits - FAQ's
February 2017
Group Retirement & Savings Plans
January 2017
Employee Assistance Plans - Substance Abuse & Addictions
December 2016
Taxation of Benefits - Using CRA's Rules Effectively
November 2016
Employment Insurance - Waiting Period Change: January 1, 2017
October 2016
Legislated Leaves of Absence - Benefits Continuation Guidelines
September 2016
Health Spending Accounts - Practical – Affordable – Cost-Effective
August 2016
Prescription Drugs - High costs, specialty drugs...what to know
July 2016
Third Party Administration - Adding Value for Benefit Plan Sponsors
June 2016
Traveling? - Be prepared
May 2016
Employee Personnel Files - Why it is important to keep them up to date
April 2016
Optional Benefits - Enchancing your Group Benefits Plan
March 2016
Exciting News - Introducing our Managing Director, Paul Stephens
February 2016
The Basics of Eligibility - Important Criteria to Qualify for Coverage
January 2016
Canada Pension Plan - More Than a Retirement Plan
December 2015
Preparing for 2016 - What You Need to Know About Benefits Now
November 2015
Prescription Drug Claims
October 2015
Pooling Protection in Your Extended Health Plan - What is it? Why are costs increasing?
September 2015
Benefit Coverage for Students - Continuing Coverage for Your Over-Age Dependent
August 2015
Dependent Spouse and Children - Who is eligible under my employee benefit plan?
July 2015
Understanding Your Health and Dental Benefits - Reasonable and Customary Limits
June 2015
The Aging Workforce and Group Benefits - Benefit plans are affected when employees delay retirement
May 2015
WCB and Disability Coverage - Remember to Notify the Group Insurer Too
April 2015
Critical Illness Insurance - Should you offer CI coverage to your employees?
March 2015
International Business Travel - Protect Your Employees from Overseas Risks
February 2015
Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) - Benefit from the Group Advantage
January 2015
In the News - The Million-dollar Baby and Changes to EI and MSP of BC
December 2014
When Will My Claim Be Paid? Is there a Deadline? - Extended Health, Dental and Health Spending Accounts
November 2014
Tax Changes to Short- and Long-Term Disability Plans - New Rules from the Canada Revenue Agency
October 2014
Employee Versus Independent Contractor - Who Qualifies for Your Group Benefit Plan
September 2014
Keep Your Employee Files Updated
August 2014
Coordination of Benefits (COB) - Who Pays When Both Spouses Have Coverage?
July 2014
Emergency Medical Coverage When You Travel - Understand Your Coverage and Be Prepared Before You Leave
June 2014
Speciality Prescription Drugs - Biologics and Biosimilars - What You Need to Know
May 2014
Applying for Disability Benefits - What Do I Need to Know Before Starting a Long Term Disability Claim?
April 2014
Minimum Hours Worked - Continued Eligibility Depends on Working a Minimum Number of Hours
March 2014
Life and AD&D Beneficiary Designation - Keep Your Beneficiary Information Up-to-date
February 2014
Medically or Dentally Necessary - How This Could Influence the Payment of Your Claim
January 2014
Creditor Proof Your RRSP - Beneficiary Designations Protect Your Retirement Funds
December 2013
Long Term Disability - Basic Monthly Earnings and Non-Evidence Maximums
November 2013
Late Applicants - Avoid the headaches and liability
October 2013
Prescription Drug Cards - FAQs
August 2013
Waiving Duplicate Coverage
July 2013
Massage Therapy - Don't Assume Every Massage is a Covered Benefit
June 2013
Unpaid Leave of Absence - Don't Offer Benefits Until You Have Asked
May 2013
Group Benefits for Employees on Disability Leave - Make Sure Everyone Knows What to Expect
April 2013
Workplace Mental Health - The Importance of Mental Health Strategies to Your Organization
March 2013
Benefits, Fraud and Abuse - Do You Know What It Looks Like
February 2013
Dental Fee Guides
January 2013
Protecting Your Prescription Drug Plan - Industry Changes to Ensure Long-term Sustainability of Group Drug Plans

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