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Administrator Forms

Enrollment Form

Use this form to enrol your employees and their dependents in your company's group benefits plan. An employee becomes eligible for benefits coverage in accordance with the eligibility requirements and the waiting period(s) outlined in your group policies. To be eligible, an employee must be in an eligible class, work a minimum hours per week, have completed the waiting period (if applicable), be "actively at work" on the eligibility date.

If an employee enrols in the benefits plan later than 31 days ofbecoming eligible, he/she will be treated as a Late Applicant. An employee who is considered a Late Applicant must provide satisfactory medical evidence of insurability to the Insurer and be formally approved prior to becoming eligible for coverage. Some limitations/restrictions may apply as per your group policy.

Change Form

Use the Change Form to report to Johnstone's work changes, including:

  • change of salary
  • change of position
  • transfer between classes and/or divisions
  • leave of absence for more than 31 days
  • disability
  • termination of employment, including retirement

And changes due to life events, including:

  • addition of spouse and/or dependent child(ren) due to marriage, including common-law, or birth of a child
  • deletion of spouse and/or dependent child(ren) due to legal separation, or divorce
  • death of employee, spouse or dependent child
  • dependent child becoming overage as per your policy
  • spouse gains benefits coverage, or spouse loses benefits coverage
  • home address change

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) Enrollment Form

Complete this form to apply for a group plan administered by the employer or union. New and returning residents must complete a waiting period before benefits begin. Generally, this is the balance of the month of arrival in BC plus two months. If absences from Canada exceed a total of 30 days in this period, eligibility may be affected. For additional information, refer to the BC Ministry of Health website.

Administrators are reminded to set up MSP premiums in their payroll system.

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) Change Form

To report changes, including addition or deletion of a family member, if enrolled under a group plan.

Pre-Authorized Debit

Clients are welcome to set up premium and other payments payable to Johnstone's directly from their financial institution by completing this form.

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